produits détergents marrakech DETERGENCE INDUSTRIE


is a story in its own right



DETERGENCE INDUSTRIE was created in 2001 in Marrakech. It was the result of a long reflection, between the shareholders of a French company, specializing in hygiene since 1872.

It seemed obvious to them that a company capable of meeting the needs of hotels, restaurants, communities, agro-food companies, medical structures … Can settle in Marrakech to develop a 100% MADE IN MOROCCO range.

From this new project was born DETERGENCE INDUSTRIE and its ranges of nearly 200 products for:


– Laundry room, Kitchen, House keeping

– Pool
– Food industry


Hygiene range

The awareness and involvement of your teams are essential for impeccable daily hygiene …

Kitchen range

Our Hygiene Consultants support you in the organization and management of your …

Eco-Green range

Sensitive to environmental issues, Détergence Industrie is resolutely committed to ensuring that our footprint …

Linen range

Patients, residents, visitors, clients: because it affects privacy, the cleanliness of linen is an element to …

GEH Catalog

The European range of professional hygiene products with a know-how of more than 30 years

Detergence Industry Catalog

The professional hygiene partner par excellence since 1872

Catalogue Eco-vert

The professional hygiene partner par excellence since 1872

Stop Bact Catalog

A diversified special COVID-19 range that meets all health requirements