For more than 20 years, Detergence Industrie has been manufacturing the most efficient, reliable and technically most advanced products available for the treatment of swimming pool water.


Private and public swimming pools for hotels, clubs and water parks. Each of them have different needs and characteristics, but with water treatment products that we specially design to meet the needs and wishes of our customers.

our Detergent and Cleaning pool products

chlore stabilise galet 200g piscine d40 piscine

Désinfectants pour les piscines privées (Galet titrant 90% de Chlore libre) - Galet stabilisé à dissolution lente et progressive pour une chlorat

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chlore stabilise poudre piscine d41 5kg

Disinfectants for private swimming pools (Pebble containing 90% free chlorine) -The stabilized chlorine powder is used more particularly for the reco

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Disinfectants for private pools -NOT stabilized liquid chlorine is used more particularly for the recovery of water whose treatment has been neglecte

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chlore liquide non stabilise piscine d43 piscine 5kg

Composed of very high quality active ingredients, Non-Stabilized Liquid Chlorine contains sodium hypochlorite at 12% active chlorine. Its specific fo

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produits détergents Marrakech anti-algue d44 piscine skg

The Non-Foaming Algaecide is effective against all types of algae Type of conditioning : Can Weight : 5 kg  

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produits détergents Marrakech algicide concentre granule d45 piscine

Copper Sulphate is effective against all types of algae Copper sulfate is not suitable for liner pools Type of conditioning  : bucket Weight : 2

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Family pool: Pour pH - LIQUID directly into the pool in front of the discharge (s), filtration on. Perform the dosage in the IMPERATIVE absence of ba

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